Find out how to win Smeshariki x TON NFT below
Use Storm Trade and Get Digital Toys
Meet our partner — Storm Trade. It’s the first decentralised derivatives trading platform on Telegram, built on the TON blockchain and allowing trading with leverage up to x50.
Users keep their funds in their own wallets. The trading platform does not own, access, or use these funds. When you open a trade, the funds are taken out of your wallet. When you close the trade, the funds go back into your wallet right away. No regulation or KYC is needed.
How to Connect Through the Web App or telegram bot
I don’t have a Tonkeeper wallet
How to Connect Through the Web App
  • Select Connect Wallet
Once you're on the Storm Trade web app site, simply click on the Connect Wallet button to display the connection options.

  • Choose Your Connection Method
You have two options for connecting your wallet:
  1. Scan the provided QR code using your TON wallet or
  2. Use a compatible browser extension.
By following these steps, you'll have your wallet connected to Storm Trade's web app, ready to explore the trading opportunities it offers.

How to get the toys?

Other toys
Other toys
How to claim your toy?
After completing the task:
Go to the bot
Send the wallet address you used for trading on Storm Trade
We'll verify your trades, which can take between 24-72 hours
After verification, we'll send you a unique link to redeem your Storm Trader toy

Imagine owning a rare Smeshariki × TON digital toy

How to get this exclusive NFT?
Storm Trade is awarding 3 exclusive Smeshariki х TON NFT to the users who make the biggest trading volume.
Sounds exciting!
That’s not all! 1 Kar-Karych × TON and 1 Krosh × TON will be randomly awarded to 2 users who have made any trading volume on Storm Trade.
What else is great?
By participating in this contest, you can also get the Storm Trader digital toy for making any trade, Storm Trader Silver for $1k trading volume, and Storm Trader Gold for $5k trading volume.

This means you can get up to 4 digital toys at once. Make sure you complete your trades by July 23, 23:59 GMT+4. We'll announce the winners on July 24.

The opportunity is here – seize it now.
With only a few days left, now is the perfect time to get started.
Visit Storm Trade now!