Use Cryptorobotics and get toys
Meet our partner - Cryptorobotics! It's a trading platform offering crypto trading bots. They're developing tools to automate your cryptocurrency exchange trading, which is extremely beneficial in today's world. But here's the interesting part - not only can you earn with them, but you can also get some really cool toys!
How to get toys?
  1. Follow Cryptorobotics telegram chanel
  2. Follow Cryptorobotics X (Twitter)
to their socials
DeRobo bot white - epic, 8.888
  1. Sign up at Cryptorobotics
  2. Add the key to one of the platforms
  3. Connect the BASIC package for free for 7 days - use the promo code ART7
  4. Place a smart order for at least 30 USDT (use both Stop Loss and Take Profit simultaneously).
  5. After placing the order, share a screenshot of the order statistics in the chat
Use trading bot
DeRobo bot silver - legendary, 888
Watch the "how-to" video below: