Support GoMeat and get toys
Introducing our partner - GoMeat! Since 2019, GoMeat has been transforming local halal/kosher stores digitally. Through the GoMeat, customers can conveniently order meat, groceries, or food for same-day doorstep delivery. By leveraging blockchain technology, GoMeat ensures transparency in every supply chain and certification step, making the industry safer for everyone. Now, here's the exciting part - not only does using GoMeat offer convenience and safety, but you also have the chance to receive some fantastic toys!
How to get toys?
  1. Follow their Telegram channel
  2. Follow their Discord
to their socials
Meaty - epic, 8.888
  1. Download GoMeat App through Gleam
  2. Sign up
GoMeat app
Meaty silver - epic, 8.888
  1. Go to Bitmart
  2. Purchase $GOMT token for 30$
  3. Send a proof screenshot to Telegram bot (/gomeat command)
$GOMT token
Meaty gold - legendary, 888
Watch the "how-to" video below:
Hurry up!