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First solution for bringing physical collecting to digital, offering innovative opportunities for your collection.
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We transform it into a 3D model on our platform.
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Create dynamic synergy with the biggest art toys community for mutual growth.
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Utilize the ARTOYS marketplace (coming soon) to sell
both digital and physical versions of your art toys.
QR code integration
For physical toys, we provide a QR code for packaging, allowing customers to redeem a digital copy upon purchase.
Personal artist page
We create an artist’s page featuring all your artwork, accompanied by direct links to your social media profiles.
Digital twin utilization
Digital copies hold all characteristics of the original piece, including rarity, artist information, and authenticity.
The world's first digital toy collection on the platform.
Marketing savings
Favourable royalty terms
Enjoy 40% savings on royalties compared to competitors.
Zero marketing fee, saving significantly on marketing expenses.
Unique features
The latest features to promote your art, including digital twin utilization and marketing tools.
Featuring collaborations with artists like Zak Mini Monster, Ron English, Yarms, Toki Doki, and many others.
Community engagement
Connect with a dedicated community,
including superstars and renowned artists.
Creative freedom
The platform
supports diverse
artistic expressions and innovations.
Digital flexibility
Utilize mixed reality
AR/VR, offering a new dimension to art toys.
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